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Breck's Online Exclusive!

Dear Friend,

Each year, we review hundreds of different flowerbulbs searching for new varieties to include in our catalogues. Once in a while, we happen across something extra special but in such rare quantities that we can only offer it to a limited clientele.

This is just such a time -- if you are receiving this e-mail, it means your preferred customer status entitles you to reserve one of the most exclusive and beautiful plants of 2004: The Early Scout Peony.

Preferred customer pricing, too. This enchanting peony normally would cost $19.99 or more in our catalog, but through this e-mail offer, you can order it for JUST $14.99!

See the amazing Early Scout Peony here -- Just $14.99!
Sale ends Month Day.

Not available in our catalog or anywhere else, this offer is for our online customers ONLY. So don't miss your chance to grow this exquisite flower!

A very beautiful and unique variety that has the form and foliage of its parent 'Paeonia tenuifolia.' Smaller than the lactiflora hybrids, but makes up for its smaller stature in the beauty and abundance of its sumptuous flowers. Early to flower, Early Scout Peony is perfect for foreground positions in a border where it will overlap with later flowering bulbs.

Claim your Peony now for JUST $14.99:
Hurry -- supplies are limited!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BRECK'S EXPERT TIPS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Peonies suffer from few pests or diseases. Fungal diseases like botrytis blight and leaf blotch are the biggest concerns and can be treated with a properly-labeled fungicide. The only insect pests you will need to worry about are scales. Watch out for them on stalks and leaf bases in late summer. Remove plant material in fall then apply insecticide in late May and mid-June the following year. You may see ants on peony blossoms, but don't fret -- they are simply attracted to the sugary liquid secreted by flower buds and are harmless.

Be among the few who may grow the
amazing Early Scout Peony!


Ben van der Veldt, Directeur

P.S. The above specials are for Breck's valued email customers
only. To take advantage of these specials, follow any link
provided within this email. These specials may not be combined
with any other offers.