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Below are links to PDF and JPEG format versions of various printed pieces.
Please note: In order that the copy be legible, some of these files are large (higher resolution).

- Here are a few examples of solo mailers and e-mail pieces. Gardens Alive! sends out large quantities of these pieces all over North America to support a variety of brands. These are personal favorites based on message, style. Each shows a graphic design/theme which I mandated and then worked closely with a designer to create.

BICYCLING magazine Take-One
- A typical piece from Rodale, this take-one may still be found in supermarkets across the country (not sure if I should be proud of that or not...). It represents an attempt by my creative team to move away from what we considered cheesy marketing that teased the reader without demonstrating the worth of the magazine or properly representing its brand. With a higher percentage of real tips and tricks included in the copy, our message was essentially; "If you think this sounds good, just wait 'til you see what's in the magazine!"

Men's Health Page Ad
- The Rodale Sports Group's first-ever attempt to sell their titles within another Rodale publication. We were quite proud of this ad. Please note this is a scan of a comp printout, not the actual final ad.

Eat Smart Play Hard Page Ad
- A page ad which ran in several Rodale sports magazines promoting the book.

Center for Business and Industry Brochure
- This piece was designed to attract new business (both individuals and local companies) to the newly enhanced Center for Business and Industry (CBI) at Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA. CBI's core business is professional training, business seminars, various technical services, and consultation on business practices.

Mack Truck Project Brief
- One of the functions of CBI is to send management and business process consultants out into the field to analyze and assist corporations in improving various practices. Mack Truck was an early participant in this program. This project brief was one of several intended to give an overview of the specific challenge CBI consultants addressed as well as a testimonial from the client praising their success.

Julie Harhart
- Julie Harhart was a long-time client of the marketing group for which I did most of my political writing in the '90's. Here are two of her campaign pieces and a report to constituents. Please note that I manufactured the included quotes based on Julie's ideas.

Peg Ferraro Letter to Women Voters
- Way back in 1992, Peg Ferraro ran for re-election to the Northampton County Council. This "personal letter" is one of my earliest pieces and still a favorite.

NCC Alumni Journal
- One of my most pleasurable duties while working for Northampton Community College's PR office (my first job out of the gate) was writing and editing the alumni journal. Here is one feature article about a hopeful graduate.

Miscellaneous Bind-ins, Blow-ins and Printed Ads
- Here's a collection of small pieces I conceptualized and wrote.



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